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Article writing jobs


Writing a news article is not difficult.  The fundamental aim of a news article is to put all of the pertinent information in the front of the article so that the reader can read it right away. Of course, in order to capture the attention of the reader, you need to have snappy news article headlines.

Writing news article headlines that are eye grabbing is an art form all unto itself.  Most editors of papers have the honors of writing these headlines that are designed to make the reader want to read the news article.  The reader is intrigued by the headline and then logs onto the article to read a bit more.  Of course, even the most eye-catching of all news headlines need to have a good news article behind it.  This means that all of the information should be clear to the reader and should live up to the headline of the article.
Writing news articles is not difficult.  You just need to have the news that you are providing to the public on hand and relate it to them in an up front way, preferably in the first paragraph of the article.  You want to make sure that the reader gets all of the latest and most current news of the news article right away in the first paragraph.  If there is related information, such as a background of the story that is to be told, it should be told in the following paragraphs.  Your news article should coincide with what you state in your news headlines. 
You should also add quotes when you are writing news articles.  Quotes should be from those who are related to the industry.  When you use quotes, they should be exact quotes and you need to attribute them accurately to the person who said them.  You want to be sure that you spell the name of any person who you quote in the article correctly as well as any other names in the news article.  Misspelling a name is the mortal sin of anyone who writes a journalistic article so be sure to double check names when it comes to spelling. 
You also need to be sure that your facts are accurate when you are writing news articles as well as news headlines.  You do not want to mislead the reader.  Your news article should be timely as well as something that will interest the reader.  Once you write the article, you can then look for online distribution places where you can place the article so that others can also see it.  You should take a look at the guidelines of these  online sites and follow them accordingly, providing them with as much information as you can and double checking any spelling as well as the name of products, companies or any other information that you are providing to the public in your article.  The more accurate and well-written the, the more the public will trust the information that is provided to them in the article.